Wanderer Septet, free reintrepretation

©André Henrot
Régis Huby violin, Jean-Marc Larché saxophones, Pierre-François Roussillon bass clarinet, Thierry Péala vocals, texts, Edouard Ferlet piano, Xavier Desandre Navarre percussion, Yves Rousseau double bass, composition. 

Free Reinterpretation of the melodic genius of Franz Schubert

From the beginning Yves Rousseau has shaped a musical identity listening to music, different music… building himself on the architecture of Bach, the swing of Louis Amstrong or listening to the voice of Léo Ferré… a number of pieces by Franz Schubert have also held centre stage in Yves Rousseau’s musical training, fascinated and deeply touched by this beauty…. Impromptus, Piano Sonatas, string quartets and trios and the unavoidable «Unfinished» Symphony… Because of the memories of his exciting, childhood discoveries of the evocative powers of Franz Schubert’s melodic genius, Yves Rousseau has undertaken with « Wanderer Septet » to write an original repertoire based on a free reinterpretation of a number of extracts from his works. On stage: a singer voices some exchanges drawn from correspondence between the master and his brother or his friends and six musicians many of whom are considered among the most talented improvisers on the European musical scene.

Wanderer II Part I
Wanderer II Part II
Wanderer II Part III