Continuum Larché/Rousseau

©Hubert Rigolot
Jean-Marc Larché, saxophones, composition, Yves Rousseau, double bass, composition

Continuum is the outcome of an obvious encounter : that of Jean-Marc Larché’s saxophone and that of Yves Rousseau’s double bass. The scores are very elaborate and sometime seem like an unexpected improvisation which originates from a warm and heartful complicity, from a fraternity expressed in a common breathing. The two instruments condense and alternate all the melodic and rhythmical functions thanks to vibrations and resonances which intertwine, melt or separate, but create an undeniable dynamism.
One percieves – in sensual counterpoints- sunny progressions, a common heat, the same roundness of sound, as well as timbres changing to offer a surprising palette.
Emotion surges from a reciprocal, active and acute listening where virtuosity is always there to serve the poetic impetus. On top of the jazzy or classical influences, largely overflowing the conventional frame, one discovers very different and self
controlled pieces coming from various geographic horizons, from musical traditions which exclude neither the folklore of solitary and forgotten peoples nor the contemporaneous writing.
The musical result is both minimalist and intimate, it carries a nostalgic lyrism, extreme and sometimes even painful. This moving balance of tightrope walkers stimulates our imagination and creates a powerful feeling of serenity, fulfilness and evidence in the listener’s soul.
Marie-Claude Condamin / september 2018

Translation Françoise Maille