murmures quintet

© Jérôme Prébois

Anne Le Goff vocals
Keyvan Chemirani percussion
Pierrick Hardy guitar
Thomas Savy bass clarinet
Yves Rousseau double bass, composition on poems by François Cheng

Just as today’s world, Murmures is a group of artists coming from various horizons and bringing their singular identities and roads. They are looking for a common musical language around the writings of a major French poet : François Cheng. In this project the music comes from poems, from that « poetry which reaches a strange quietness made of both serenity and alertness, blending contraries and giving meaning ».

When writing this new repertory I yelded to the music of words just like François Cheng « has often underlined the great happiness that siezed him when hearing a term and the way sounds freed the meaning –syllable after syllable- giving rise to a whole array of feelings and memories »

Ce sera par un jour d’Automne

Chaque jour de toute une vie