Spirit Dance Quintet Marguet/Rousseau

©Jérôme Prébois
Bruno Ruder piano, fender rhodes, David Chevallier guitars, Fabrice Martinez, trumpet, bugle, Christophe Marguet, drums, composition, Yves Rousseau, double bass, composition

Christophe Marguet : it is, after all, 15 years of work together in Yves’orchestra as far as I’m concerned… rubbing shoulders together, seeing eachother, exchanging ideas on Yves’ music, we decided that maybe we could have atry at other textures, other weaves of sound. We wanted to do things a bit morejazz and try out some other stuff

YvesRousseau : At one point we said to ourselves « well, in thisquartet, we’ve never had the chance to do this, to do tempo as jazz »,  so we said,« okay, someday we’ll have to puttogether an orchestra!» And then … «what orchestra?» Then we asked ourselves awhole lot of questions, what instruments? and, above all, who? because it’s atype of music on which the people playing it and creating it leave their mark..

CM : Neither David Chevallier, nor Bruno Ruder, nor Fabrice Martinez had ever playedtogether in fixed groups. They might have crossed paths occasionally but neverworking in a group and neither had we with them.

YR : There we realised after the first rehearsal that we had some people that wereapparently interested in being together and that, furthermore, they’relistening to each other rather than stating their cultural backgrounds …

They’re not there to prove anything; we’re there to make music. It might seem silly to say this but it’s very important, that in the end, we’re all there to share something. »

 Directing an orchestra, this is a small orchestra, it’s a quintet, but to have two directors is not easy, with Christophe on his side and I on mine, we decided that a double artistic direction was possible: I bring pieces of music andChristophe brings others and I think that in the end, the artistic input willbe about 50/50.»

CM : What we’re saying is that it’s a great pleasure creating this groupbecause this will be another way of working together, all of a sudden newthings are turning up!

YR : Full of promise …


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