murmures (Yves Rousseau 5tet)

murmures (Yves Rousseau 5tet)

mumuresAnne Le Goff – vocals
Pierrick Hardy – guitar
Thomas Savy – bass clarinet
Keyvan Chemirani – drums
Yves Rousseau – double bass, composition

« The center is where whispers come from»
François Cheng

«murmures, a new group made up of artists from three very different universes but which, reflecting today’s world, is founded on their personal identities and their individual backgrounds, seeking a common language around the writings of the great poet François Cheng. A new project in which the music emanates from poetry …. from « this poetry which attains a strange calm consisting of tranquillity and warning, having the skill to unite opposites and give meaning… » *

A new group with a resolutely acoustic sound, hide covered percussion, strings plucked and scraped and mellow woodwinds.

A melodic music, written as well as improvised, a singing voice that narrates, a voice that speaks, whispers, murmurs…

To write this new repertoire, I set myself adrift in the music of words, like François Cheng « has often underlined the joy he felt simply uttering a word and how, syllable by syllable, the sounds then releasing the meaning and a whole convoy of sensations and memories»… »

« Cheng’s power of speech is unrivalled. Words which resonate from the farthest reaches are suddenly close by, with a definitive tone, yet so different that they conjure up a lively journey with some lengthy passages of silence and dread « …  » *

* André Velter, preface to the collection of poems by François Cheng entitled « A l’orient de tout » (To the East of everything)

NRF Poésie / Gallimard 2005

YR septembre 2015

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