Marguet/Rousseau Spirit Dance 5tet

Marguet/Rousseau Spirit Dance 5tet





After 15 years of sharing the stage with the 4tet, Yves Rousseau links up with Christophe Marguet to write the music for this new project : Spirit Dance Quintet. This meeting reflects the desire to unite their universes.

Fabrice Martinez – trumpet, flugelhorn
David Chevallier – electric guitar
Bruno Ruder – piano, Fender Rhodes
Yves Rousseau – double bass, composition
Christophe Marguet – drums, composition

The double bass-drum tandem invites the acoustic and electric piano, the electric guitar and the trumpet to come face to face in a new instrumentation and create an altogether new quintet.

They want the music to be « fresh and accessible » to find again the power of the evocation of jazz, its sound and dance, and its freedom.

Christophe Marguet and Yves Rousseau draw from jazz roots in order to better free themselves and offer a new vision.

Le Triton (venue in Paris) welcomes this new program’s creative residency.

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