Of Love and Madness

Of Love and Madness


Pasipahé Ensemble – mixed choir

Jean-Marc Larché – soprano saxophone

Loïc Pierre – musical direction

Yves Rousseau – composition

For this unprecedented program, Yves Rousseau brings together the tones of the saxophones of Jean-Marc Larché with the vibrations of the choral voices brought by Pasiphae Ensemble and directed by Loïc Pierre.

The Suite for mixed choir and soprano saxophone by Yves Rousseau is a musical bridge whose prologue is inspired by Villarosa Sarialdi composed by Thomas Jennefelt arching over to the XIIth Psalm by Schnittke thus bringing the journey to an end.

Louise Labé, a free woman, mischievous and feminist before her time gives the tone to Yves Rousseau’s music.

“Of love and Madness” embarks the audience into a new musical universe, borne by Jean-Marc Larché, saxophonist of both classical music and jazz and the Pasiphae Ensemble directed by Loïc Pierre, renowned the world over for his unique artistic projects, creation being at the heart of his concerns.

Co-producers of the project, l’Abbaye de Noirlac, will welcome the creation ” Of Love and Madness” in June 2016.

Coproduction : Noirlac abbaye, Cultural Encounter Centre and Maison de la Culture of Bourges (National Scene)
Creation will take place the 25th of  June 2016 in Noirlac abbaye in partnership with the National Scene, Maison de la Culture of Bourges.

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