Absolutely Free Trio

Absolutely Free Trio

Extracts from Absolutely Free Trio Concert at The Triton (France) in January 2016


Elise Caron – voice and flute

Jean-Marc Larché – soprano saxophone

Yves Rousseau – double bass

“I brought this trio together at the beginning of 2005 as part of my artist’s residency in partnership with the town of Nangis in the department of Seine et Marne for which I organize, with the public, regular meetings of “small scale”, frequently unusual, always unheard of musicals. These musicals are for me the occasion for satisfying some veritable musical “ghosts”…

As such, I impatiently waited for the right moment to bring about some “hang gliding” with Elise Caron and Jean-Marc Larché, two indisputable artists whom I knew well having worked with them before, each in rather dissimilar contexts and who have in common a genuine generosity, in my opinion an essential virtue without which collective improvisation would be futile; as improvisation is what this is all about.

This aim of the trio is to come together for some completely improvised concerts, nourished by each one’s interior journey, free choice of melodies, way of playing, sounds, notes and noises, free to be, in turn, serious or mischievous, free of any contingency of “style”, to simply be attentive to one another, having no other worry than that of their relevance within the trio…

“Absolutely Free…”, eponymous title of a Frank Zappa album, unclassifiable genius of the XX century, a free man, emancipated from all aesthetic constraints.… Music!”

Yves Rousseau

Move the cursor to 30 minutes to watch the performance of the Absolutely Free Trio in April 13, 2015 on the national radio France Musique in Anne Montaron’s show “A l’improviste”.

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