L’Air – Part II
La Terre
L’Eau – Part I

Amongst his many activities, Yves Rousseau has led his quartet,  in a job of writing and improvisation to the very limits of jazz and new music. The french group has performed for more than 15 years.

After 15 years of sharing the stage with the 4tet, Yves Rousseau links up with Christophe Marguet to write the music for this new project : Spirit Dance 5TET with Fabrice Martinez, David Chevallier and Bruno Ruder.

Anne Le Goff – vocals
Pierrick Hardy – guitar
Thomas Savy – bass clarinet
Keyvan Chemirani – zarb, bendir and other drums
Yves Rousseau – double bass, composition

« The center is where whispers come from»
François Cheng

murmures, a new group made up of artists from three very different universes but which, reflecting today’s world, is founded on their personal identities and their individual backgrounds, seeking a common language around the writings of this great poet”

Elise Caron – voice and flute
Jean-Marc Larché – soprano saxophone
Yves Rousseau – double bass

Extrait Wanderer

WANDERER… a free interpretation of the melodic genius of Franz Schubert

Choir and soprano saxophone

For this unprecedented program, Yves Rousseau brings together the tones of the saxophones of Jean-Marc Larché with the vibrations of the choral voices brought by Pasiphae Ensemble and directed by Loïc Pierre.

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