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Yves RousseauAbout Yves Rousseau

Yves Rousseau discovers the double bass listening to Pierre Michelot and Patrice Caratini. He studies the instrument with Jacques Cazauran at the CNR in Versailles between 1982 and 1987.

He acquires a varied experience in chamber and symphony orchestras and makes a few incursions into baroque, contemporary and electro-acoustic music. At the same time, he enrols in the “Centre d’Informations Musicales” in order learn the rudiments of jazz.

In 1984 he meets, in the « Ensemble franco-allemand de Jazz » (Franco-German Jazz Ensemble), Jean-Francois Jenny-Clark who leads him to markedly change his perception of music. He then co-directs this same group with Albert Mangelsdorff between 1990 and 1993.

He founds his 4tet in 2000 uniting Jean-Marc Larché, Régis Huby and Christophe Marguet, with whom he brings out 3 albums: Fées et Gestes (Fairies and Movements) with CC Productions / Harmonia Mundi the same year, Choc Jazzman, Sarsara on the Chant du Monde/Harmonia Mundi label, Choc Le Monde de la Musique in 2005, and Akasha in 2015 on Abalone/L’Autre Distribution, which was selected by Citizen Jazz and Choc JazzMag.

Used to conducting artistic residencies with very different organisations, Jazz sous les Pommiers, the Enghien Arts Centre, Noirlac Abbey, the town of Nangis… he likes to simultaneously develop work in performance and creation as well pedagogical work.

Among his creations we notice :

Akasha 4tet which is more than 15 years of existence with Régis Huby (violins), Jean-Marc Larché (saxophones), Christophe Marguet (drums)

the Yarin 5tet : Régis Huby (violins), Cyril Hernandez (drums), Pierre Durand (guitar) and Bilgin Canaz (ney) as well as a symphonic version of this same repertoire

the Poet … your papers ! 6tet about Léo Ferré with his 4tet augmented by Claudia Solal, Jeanne Added and then Maria-Laura Baccarini. Choc Jazzman album appeared in 2007 on the Le Chant du Monde / Harmonia Mundi label.

Wanderer 7tet, free interpretation of extracts of work by Franz Schubert uniting Régis Huby (violins), Jean-Marc Larché (saxophones), Pierre-François Roussillon (bass clarinet), Thierry Péala (voice, texts), Edouard Ferlet (piano), Xavier Desandre Navarre (drums)

His duets for voice/double bass with Eleonor Agritt, dance/double bass with Mié Coquempot and percussion/double bass with Cyril Hernandez.

The entirely new Spirit Dance 5tet co-led with Christophe Marguet. We find Fabrice Martinez on the trumpet, David Chevallier on the electric guitar and Bruno Ruder on the piano.

Yves Rousseau continues to bring the public into his exceptional, musical universe where musical structure and improvisation mix intimately  to write, each day, a new score.


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