Akasha 4tet

Akasha 4tet

L’Air – Part II
La Terre
L’Eau – Part I


Régis Huby – violins
Jean-Marc Larché – saxophones
Christophe Marguet – drums
Yves Rousseau – double bass, composition

Amongst his many activities, Yves Rousseau has led his quartet, for more than ten years, in a job of writing and improvisation to the very limits of jazz and new music.  The french group has performed for more than 15 years.

The instrumentation has not been heard before, giving this group its unique sound. It brings together four musicians with assertive personalities listening to different music such as jazz, of course, but also baroque music, song, and not forgetting the most important composers of the 20th century… The result is a great variety of melodies, tempi, nuances, choice of tones and playing styles…

This entirely new repertoire consists of four parts; water, fire, air and earth successively. Each suite highlights a soloist, always within a collective musical staging. This programme was performed for the first time at the Festival de Radio France at Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon.

Akasha + Jonas KnutssonJonas2_byGardsater

Paris Jazz Festival 2015
concert extract

« I had the opportunity of sharing the stage with Jonas Knutsson about fifteen years ago and I very much liked him both as an artist and as a person … Lots of lyricism and few preconceived ideas. As much at ease with traditional Swedish music (he recorded at that time a record of Christmas carols which has been a great success and to which I still listen) as he is with jazz and improvised music for which he still receives invitations to France and other countries following the proposal of the Paris Jazz Festival to invite him to join the AKASHA quartet for a special concert in July 2015.

Jonas Knutsson is a saxophonist but above all, he’s a singer, poet, as are the other members of the 4tet. His presence is perceived as an ”addition”, a different and complementary voice which in no way alters the roles of the other four: on the contrary, we are fully convinced that our audiences will find the music enhanced… »

Yves Rousseau


Akasha as a multimedia performance

Video mapping : Patrick Volve

Yves Rousseau is very familiar with transdisciplinary creations with other forms of artistic expression: digital and fine arts, dance, singing…

With his multimedia show he brings together live music, digital images and videos created while interacting with the composition by Patrick Volve, a director with a singular career. Yves Rousseau’s music is performed by his quartet with innovative instrumentation : violin, saxophone, double bass and drums.

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